Visitor Q&A

If you are new to Faith, or perhaps haven't even visited us yet, then here are a few things that will help you get around.

Can you tell me about your worship services?

We'd love to! We actually have a page about it. Click here to learn more!

What do you offer for my children?

We offer a variety of activities for children of all ages, from nursery and toddler church to junior high and high school groups. Check out our Ministry tab and look for the children's ministries page and the high school ministry page to learn more about what we offer.

Have you been visiting us for a while? 

If you haven't been asked already, find someone and ask to get more information about us. We'll be glad to give you our membership handbook/picture directory. We'd also be happy to give you a church mailbox so that you have access to more of the information that our members receive. You don't have to commit to membership to have a mailbox, and If you decide to attend somewhere else, that won't be a problem. 

Do you have an information table?

Most of our information materials can be found on the wall at the top of the stairs. Various bins hold newsletters, missionary correspondence, and church school information. Spend some time looking this section over for what you might be looking for.

We do have a table near the kitchen which is used as a temporary location for displaying event flyers or adult study materials. You will find copies of the Today devotional here. This table is also where you will go to sign up for something offered in the bulletin: to join a study group, to volunteer to bring food, or to sign up for another type of event.

Want to know more about our building?

We have an upper and lower level, but no elevator. Our offices, nursery, youth room, and classrooms are on the lower level. If you have small children that will use the nursery, it may be more convenient for you to park on the lower level on Sundays. If needed, there are places to hang coats in the lower level hallways.

The upper level is where you'll find the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and main kitchen. Member mailboxes are found there, too. When the weather dictates their use, coat racks will be set up on the north side of the fellowship hall (the side farthest from the main entry). It will be a bit of a trek, but we hope this will allow you to encounter some friendly faces and greetings of welcome. Bulletins and sermon guides (when available) can be found in racks at each side door, and in a rack mounted on the post directly behind the main doors.

Bathrooms are found on both levels, near each entry.

Chairs are often set up on Sunday mornings to provide overflow space. There's usually room in the sanctuary, so please ask an usher to help you find a spot if you prefer to sit "inside."  If you sit on the chairs, you'll find Bibles and hymnals on a bookshelf centrally located behind the chairs. If you're having difficulty reading the screens in front of church, look for printed copies of the worship liturgy which includes all the text from the powerpoint slides.

We also have a balcony for extra seating. Bulletins may be found in the rack at the top of the main stairway going up to the balcony

What is your bad weather policy?

If there is a “severe weather warning” issued by the National Weather Service for our immediate area within one hour of the scheduled worship service our worship service may be canceled. The president of the church council will be responsible for making this decision. Bad road conditions and drifting snow are other conditions which may warrant a cancelation.

If possible, the cancelation will be aired on the two local radio stations — 93.9 FM KSOU and 88.5 FM KDCR. If you miss an on-air announcement, you can find the information online at  by clicking “School Closings” on the menu bar, and then selecting the "Other" tab . You may also check the home page of our website to view weather related announcements.

If threatening weather develops or conditions worsen during a worship service and a warning comes in effect, we will dismiss and go to the church basement.

Our policy for high school and children's evening ministries during the week generally follow the decisions our local schools have made earlier in the day. If schools are canceled or have an early dismissal due to weather, generally evening activities for youth are also canceled.  

Women of Faith groups are also canceled on days when school is not in session due to bad weather.

How do I schedule an event at your church?

To schedule meetings or special events, please call the church office: 712.722.3179. If an individual or family wishes to use the church for a wedding, anniversary, or other event, a request form and fee schedule are available from the church office.

You may go here to download facilities use information and request forms.