Laotian Ministry

Faith Church’s ministry in the country of Laos has become dear to many of our members.  It started with the sponsorship of Khay and Feuang Baccam as refugees from Laos shortly after Faith Church began. 

Eventually Khay became an evangelist among the Laotian refugees in the tri-state area and in 2005 he expressed a desire to help the fledgling Christian Church in his home country.  God opened many doors to allow this vision to become a reality through wheelchair distribution, the Grain Bin Project, and Biblical Leadership Training (BiLD).  Through these avenues, churches have been planted, businesses have been established, warm relationships have developed and most importantly, the local Christian Church has become attractive in communities previously hostile to the gospel. Our budgeted BiLD funds assist with Leadership Training, Kids’ Camps, Sports Ministry training, outreach, equipment, the printing of materials and travel.  
If you would like to know more about how Faith Church's involvement in Lao Ministries began, you can read the linked document.