Cornerstone Prison Church

Cornerstone Prison Church in Sioux Falls, SD. began as a Bible Study in 2005 under the direction of Steve and Diane Moerman.  Today it is an officially organized congregation of the Christian Reformed Church. The Church Council is made up of 6 inmates and 3 outsiders.
Additional ministries include:  
Cornerstone Bible College (Monday night advanced Bible study)  
2 Berkhoff Systematic Theology Studies  
Baptism/Profession of Faith Class (2-3x/year)
Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Classes (2x/year)  
Worship Guitar Class  
Faith Fellowship Weekend (2x/year)  
Worship team
Outreach team
Cornerstone looks forward to having members from the church “outside” join the church inside during their Friday night worship services. To find out when the next group from Faith church will be going to be part of this service, contact Pastor Dave Smit.