Worship Committee

A praise team helps lead singing as part of worship at Faith CRC.
The Worship Committee has a wide and varied role in assisting the people of Faith CRC in their worship. While much of this committee's work focuses on the times when we gather together on Sundays, the work of this committee enables all of us at Faith to offer our daily work as a more consistent sacrifice of praise.
The responsibilities of the Worship Committee include three basic tasks: Educate, Plan/Coordinate, and Evaluate.
  • Study liturgical materials individually and as a group in order to be informed about Biblical, Reformed guidelines for worship.
  • Facilitate the congregation’s understanding of and appreciation for Reformed worship, thus enabling them to participate more meaningfully.
Plan and Coordinate
  • Assist the pastor in planning worship services that are theologically sound and spiritually edifying.
  • Maintain a worship service calendar in order to coordinate and plan services throughout the liturgical church year.
  • Establish guidelines for and supervision of the following:
          a) Liturgy preparation and participation.
          b) All service music, including: use of CDs or DVDs, piano and organ purchase and maintenance,
use of hymnals or power point slides, worship teams, choir, organists, pianists, vocalists.
          c) Banner construction and display, church bulletins, and any other visuals for use in the sanctuary
and/or worship service.
          d) Congregational activities before and after the worship service which affect the worship
  • Designate sub-committees or functionaries as necessary to carry out these specific tasks.
  • Prepare an annual worship budget to be presented to the deacons.
  • Critique the liturgy and analyze it with a view to…
          a) Maintaining its Biblical and Reformed character
          b) Fulfilling Worship Committee purposes
          c) Its agreement with the guidelines and principles articulated in the documents of the
Christian Reformed Church.
  • Listen to and encourage congregational feedback and comments on worship.
  • Review and update the guidelines and duties specified in the Worship Committee Mandate.
  • Report to the elders through written minutes of the meetings; provide additional information on liturgy and other proposals as requested.
  • Submit a list of qualified people for the Executive Committee of the Council to consider when they make Worship Committee appointments.