Siouxland Unity Advisory Committee

The Siouxland Unity Advisory Committee has two distinct purposes. First, it functions as a liaison between Siouxland Unity CRC in Sioux City and its mother church, Faith CRC; and also between Siouxland Unity and the classical home missions committees of Classis Heartland and Classis Iakota.  Secondly, the committee serves as an advocate for Siouxland Unity, helping to nurture the spiritual and ecclesiastical growth of the church while also actively promoting this ministry among its supporting constituencies.
Siouxland Unity developed from its early beginning as a Laotian Bible Study into a congregation composed primarily of Laotians who worshiped in the Lao language. While Laotians still are in the majority, the congregation currently has one service a month in English and now reaches out to other ethnic groups in the community as well. Faith is actively involved in this outreach through the church school teachers who go there every Sunday to instruct the children and young people, and through directing their summer VBS program.
Committee members include the Siouxland Unity pastor and members of his leadership team; one elder and one deacon from Faith CRC; the ministry treasurer; and three or more additional members from Faith CRC. A representative from both the Iakota and Heartland classical home missions committees serves as a designated contact person and attends monthly meetings when possible.
Current members:  Keo & Boonjun Phommarath (Siouxland Unity CRC)
                                    Air Phimmasane (Siouxland Unity)
                                    Henry Kraayenbrink (Faith elder, ministry treasurer) 
                                    Todd Van Bruggen (Faith deacon, ministry accountant),
                                    Verlyn De Wit (Faith CRC, Iakota CHMC),
                                    Lu Ann Van Den Berg (Faith CRC, VBS coordinator)
                                    Phyllis Attema (Faith CRC, committee chair)
                                    John Baas (Faith CRC, committee recorder)
                                    Gary Hibma (Heartland CHMC)