Missions & Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Faith Mission and Outreach Committee is to inspire, support, organize, and mobilize the members of the church to share the gospel with others. 
This committee makes recommendations to the council designating specific missionaries and projects for Mission and Outreach support through our monthly FMO offerings .
Additionally, the FMO committee desires to: 
  • Assist in educating members of the congregation in how to witness more effectively.
  • Plan creative ways to serve members of the community through evangelistic programs. 
  • Involve church members in local, regional, and worldwide evangelistic and mission efforts. 
  • Maintain contact with World and Home Missions contact representatives in our area.
  • Work with MEL (Midwest Evangelism League).
  • Promote outreach through events such as the Mission Emphasis breakfast/weekend.
  • Encourage congregational support for the Siouxland Unity Church.
  • Assist the ministry assistant in working with the post-high young adults.
  • Reach out to new members in the Sioux Center community.