Church Committees

Faith CRC offers a variety of committees. The contacts below reflect the council contact(s) for each committee, if appointed. Consult the Members Information Handbook for names of committee chair persons.

Committee Main contact
Education Committee
Ken Walvoort or
Nolan Van Gaalen
Facilities Supervision & Planning Committee
Vern Eekhoff or
Chris Vander Veem
Faith Focus Committee
Art Attema
Funeral Coordinators
(Service Projects Coordinator)..............................
Nursery Committee Brett Van Wyk
Prayer Ministry Committee
Dorenda VAn Gaalen
Pulpit Supply Committee
Pastor Bob Pollema or
Sacrament Committee
Merlin Ryks
Siouxland Unity Advisory Committee
Social Committee Kevin Rozenboom
Worship Committee
Brian Van Der Vliet or Pastor Bob Pollema