Laotian Ministry

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Since its inception, Faith CRC has had a special interest in working with Laotian refugees. Khay Baccam and his family were sponsored soon after Faith was established. Later, Khay became an evangelist among the Lao refugees in northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota and planted several churches.
In 2005, Khay expressed a desire to help the fledgling Christian church in his home country. God opened many doors to allow this vision to become a work-in-process, and today Faith CRC continues to nurture that vision through its involvement in four distinct ministries in the country of Laos:
Biblical Leadership Training. In partnership with BILD International (see, Faith CRC has translated into Lao and printed all 13 booklets comprising BILD’s First Principles course. Faith CRC has provided funding for educational workshops throughout Laos.
Wheelchair Distribution. Partnering with Hope Haven International, Faith CRC has distributed more than 800 wheelchairs and other mobility aids in Laos.
Grain Bin Project. With the help of local churches, more than 30 corn grain bins have been dismantled in northwest Iowa and shipped to Laos. Our partners in Laos re-assemble them in towns and villages that are strategic to the growth of the Church. Approximately 170,000 pounds of material have been shipped. More than 1,200 volunteer hours have supported this effort.
Business Loans to Pastors and Evangelists. Churches throughout Laos simply cannot afford to hire a pastor. Our vision is to:
1) teach pastors and evangelists how to be self-supporting while serving a local church; and
2) provide the initial capital they need to begin their own enterprise.